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In-Demand IT Tech Jobs This Year

When it comes to high-growth sectors, tech is easily one of the leaders. The technology industry itself is booming. Plus, many companies in other sectors need skilled IT professionals to ensure they can reach their goals, creating more opportunities.

If you want a long and lucrative career, focusing on IT roles that are experiencing substantial growth is wise. Whether you’re managing your own job search or are partnering with a temp agency in New Brunswick, NJ, here is a look at some of the in-demand IT tech jobs in 2022 that are worth considering.

Cloud Architect

While companies were moving to the cloud prior to COVID-19, the pandemic created a sense of urgency, leading to rapid transitions. As a result, organizations in numerous sectors need cloud architects to support their evolving operations, ensuring they can successfully deploy and scale cloud-based solutions and systems.

Along with cloud-related experience, familiarity with Python, Elixir, and Ruby can be essential. An analytical mindset is also helpful, particularly when it comes to designing deployments. Otherwise, ITSM, I&O, automation, and leadership skills are musts.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps is increasingly becoming the development approach du jour. It allows for a multi-faceted approach and embraces cross-departmental goals to ensure that the end result of a project benefits multiple segments of the business.

Since DevOps is a standard at many companies, the demand for DevOps engineers is on the rise. These professionals follow DevOps methodologies to ensure smooth deployments of updated or new systems. Along with coding skills and familiarity with multiple operating systems, including Linux and Unix, DevOps engineers need experience with key tools like Jenkins and Git. Additionally, communication and collaboration skills are essential, ensuring they can work well with cross-functional teams.

Product Manager

For professionals who like to focus their efforts in one area, a career as a product manager could be an exceptional fit. Product managers oversee the full development of a specific product, managing the entire process while supervising a team of skilled professionals.

Along with knowledge of the product lifecycle, familiarity with project management tools and solutions is essential. Top-notch analytical and problem-solving skills are also vital, along with strong communication capabilities.

AI Architect

As more companies look to embrace the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the demand for AI architects continues to rise. Professionals in these roles help design AI, machine learning, and neural network systems, using skills and tools like Python, REST API, Torch, and TensorFlow to achieve company goals. Hands-on experience with algorithms is usually a must, too.

Programmer Analyst

The programmer analyst role is essentially a hybrid position, combing aspects of the programmer and system analyst jobs. Those working in these roles use their analysis and planning capabilities to design new programs, write code, and create documentation. Debugging and troubleshooting can also be part of the equation.

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