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Reasons Not to Take a Break from Your Job Search During the Holidays

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities on your own or through pharma placement agencies, you might assume that taking a break from your job search during the holidays isn’t a big deal. However, pausing your job search during the later part of the year isn’t a great move. If you’re wondering why, here’s a look at several reasons not to take a break from your job search during the holiday season.

Companies Are Hiring

Many professionals assume companies aren’t hiring during the last month or two of the year. As a result, they may think that looking for new opportunities now won’t yield results. That simply isn’t true.

Companies hire whenever a need arises. If an employer has a vacancy, the time of year isn’t relevant. Instead, what matters is returning to full productivity. If bringing in a new employee is needed to do that, they’ll hire regardless of whether it’s the holiday season.

Additionally, many companies are proactive when it comes to workforce management. For example, if they know that they’ll be able to create a new position at the start of the new year, many employers won’t wait until that opening is formally in place to start recruiting. Instead, they’ll initiate the process during the months leading up to the new year. That way, they’ll be able to bring someone into the role as soon as possible once it’s official.

Similarly, if companies anticipate any turnover or January represents the start of a peak season, they won’t delay their recruitment efforts. Instead, they’ll start looking for candidates early, allowing them to fill critical positions quickly once the need arises.

Less Competition

As mentioned above, many professionals believe that hiring slows down dramatically during the holidays, causing some to decide to put their job search on pause. Additionally, some candidates might be overwhelmed by personal obligations or distracted by the season, making them less attentive about their job search. Both of those situations can actually work in your favor.

Since at least some job seekers are going to wait to find a new position, there could be far less competition if you apply to openings during this time of year. As a result, it may be easier to land exciting new roles.

Networking Is Easier

During the holidays, gatherings are far more commonplace than during other times of the year. Additionally, people make an extra effort to connect with their family, friends, colleagues, and professional connections, reaching out and responding to messages with more regularity.

That makes the holiday season an ideal time for networking. You’ll be able to connect with more members of your network and with greater ease, making it far easier to ask for referrals or other kinds of job search support.

Ultimately, continuing to work with pharma placement agencies or tackling your job search during the holidays is a great idea. If you’re ready for a new role, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.