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Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s normal to focus on showcasing your technical capabilities. However, if you aren’t highlighting your soft skills as well, you may not be positioning yourself as a stand-out candidate.

Soft skills play a big role in a new hire’s success. As a result, hiring managers seek out specific traits when they consider candidates for a position. By putting your soft skills on display, you increase the odds of looking like a strong match.

If you’re looking for entry-level science jobs in NJ or another kind of position, here is a look at the soft skills that can help you get ahead.

Strong Work Ethic

Hiring managers traditionally favor candidates with solid work ethics. Those professionals require less direct oversight and are more likely to be internally motivated. Additionally, they tend to be more reliable and accountable, both of which work in the company’s favor.

Today, a strong work ethic is even more critical for employers. Many companies are struggling with labor shortages, so they dramatically favor candidates who are driven to excel. Those job seekers are often more inclined to go the extra mile, making them a better choice in today’s climate.


Today, very few roles are genuinely independent, requiring practically no interaction with others to handle assigned tasks. Instead, nearly every job requires some level of teamwork, such as coordinating with others on a group project or divvying out tasks in a fair, effective manner.

Based on that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that hiring managers consider it a crucial soft skill. Candidates who thrive in this area tend to be more effective collaborators. Additionally, along with managing their responsibilities, they are often willing to lend a hand to help others succeed.

Active Listening

Effective communication in the workplace is essential. With active listening, a person is able to understand situations from the perspective of another with greater ease. They know how to let others take center stage and absorb what’s being shared. Additionally, they are skilled at asking clarifying questions to promote greater understanding, ensuring there isn’t any miscommunication.

In the simplest sense, candidates who are adept at active listening are more likely to thrive than those that aren’t. As a result, hiring managers continue to prefer job seekers who shine in this area.


Adaptability has always been a desirable soft skill. However, in the light of the pandemic, versatility became a genuine must-have. Employees that adapted with ease were able to transition to remote work arrangements more quickly. Additionally, adaptability helped those still reporting to a traditional workplace to accept new safety requirements and follow evolving procedures.

While some of the pandemic challenges are largely behind everyone, the need for adaptability is still there. As a result, you become a more impressive candidate by showing that you’re versatile and open to change.

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