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Simple Body Language Tips for Your Next Interview

During a job interview, it’s normal to be a bit nervous. In many cases, candidates work hard to make sure they are saying the right things. The issue is, if they aren’t also aware of their body language, they may not be conveying the ideal message.

Your body positioning, gestures, and movements play a big role in how you come across. They can make you seem more or less confident, depending on what you do. Thankfully, they can also be controlled, allowing you to make sure you’re sending all of the right signals.

Whether you’re looking for IT consulting Tampa jobs or other positions, here are some simple body language tips for your next interview.

Nail Your Eye Contact

Eye contact is a big part of the equation when you want to seem confident and engaged. However, it’s very easy to get it wrong, either by not making eye contact enough or being too intense.

In most cases, you only want to hold an interviewer’s gaze for a couple of seconds. One easy way is to glance just long enough to register the color of their eyes. Then, move to their mouth, up to their nose, and then back to eye contact.

If you’re interviewing remotely, you’ll need to use a slightly different approach. If you look at the hiring manager’s eyes on the screen, on their end, it can seem like you’re looking down because of the position of the webcam.

With video interviews, spend about two seconds looking at the camera. Then, glance down at their eyes on the screen before returning your gaze back to the camera. This mimics normal eye contact without being too intense.

Nod When the Hiring Manager Speaks

Nodding when the hiring manager speaks makes you seem attentive. It’s a subtle signal that you’d like them to continue or that you understand what they are saying, both of which can work in your favor.

While you don’t want to nod constantly, a quick nod every sentence or two makes you come across as engaged and focused. Even if it’s subtle, most hiring managers will take notice, consciously or otherwise.

Sit Up Straight and Lean In

Whether you’re interviewing in person or remotely, sitting up straight and leaning in slightly can convey both confidence and interest in what’s being shared. Good posture makes you seem professional and composed, helping you make a good impression. By leaning in just slightly when the hiring manager speaks, you also seem intrigued by what they are saying, highlight your level of engagement in the conversation.

Usually, when it is time to lean in, you only need to move an inch or two forward. Any more than that can seem intrusive in person or could cause you to get too close to the camera during video interviews, so it’s best to avoid it.

Ultimately, all of the body language tips above can make it easier to stand out during your next interview. If you’d like help finding pharma consulting jobs or other opportunities, the staff at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Contact us today.