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Tailoring Your Resume for the Job

When you begin your search for entry-level science jobs in NJ or any other type of opportunity, you need to make sure your resume is on point. If you aren’t tailoring the content to the job description, you likely won’t get the results your after. Your job search may take far longer than expected, or you might struggle to land jobs you know you could handle.

On the other hand, with a tailored resume, you may secure a right-fit position faster than you ever thought possible. If you wonder why tailoring your resume for the job is so important and what you have to do to make it happen, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need to Tailor Your Resume

When hiring managers need to fill an open position, their goal is to find candidates who bring everything they need to the table. Often, this is easier said than done, requiring a shocking number of resume reviews before choosing job seekers for interviews.

Since hiring managers need to separate the great candidates from the so-so ones fast, they focus on alignment. They favor candidates who clearly meet the job requirements, at times even using automated screening to figure that out.

Failing to tailor your resume means the hiring manager won’t quickly discern whether you could excel in the role. Instead, they would have to guess whether that would be the case, as the information you’re providing doesn’t speak directly to their unique needs.

When you tailor a resume to a job, you’re adjusting the details in your application to make sure they match the position requirements. This means not just highlighting relevant achievements but also using keywords you find in the job description.

The goal is to make it clear as day that you bring what the hiring manager wants to the table, leaving nothing up to guesswork. That way, the hiring manager can tell at a glance that you have the right skills and experience, increasing the odds that they’ll invite you in for an interview.

How to Tailor Your Resume

Tailoring a resume is a two-fold process. First, you need to incorporate relevant keywords from the job description. Often, it is those words and phrases – using the exact spelling and punctuation found in the vacancy announcement – that the applicant tracking system (ATS) is programmed to locate.

If the ATS doesn’t find enough of them, it assumes the candidate isn’t a match. If a candidate has many of the keywords, the ATS views the job seeker as a better fit.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should include keywords related to skills or experience you don’t have, as dishonesty during the application process will likely come back to bite you. Instead, it’s about ensuring you tap on the listed capabilities you possess in the right fashion, allowing you to get past the automated screening.

The second part of the equation involves including achievements that are relevant to the hiring manager. You want to focus on examples that align with the kind of work you’d do if hired. That way, the hiring manager can clearly see your potential, causing you to be a more attractive candidate.

Now Hiring for Entry Level Science jobs

Ultimately, tailoring your resume should be considered a must. If you’re on the hunt for entry-level or more advanced science jobs in NJ, the team at Alpha Consulting can review your skills and help you get in front of leading companies that are hiring.  Visit our blog for more resume tips or contact us to chat with a recruiter about your skills.