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What Happens After Your Interview for a Contract Position

When you’re applying for a contract position through Alpha Consulting, the interview is just one step in the hiring process. After your meeting, your recruiter will determine if you have the right skills, experience, and professional background for the role, then, if that is the case. The onboarding process will begin.

If you are wondering what is involved in Alpha Consulting’s onboarding process. Here is an overview of the next steps.

Employment and Education Verification

An employment and education verification is a type of background check focused on your credentials. It can be a multistep process. The process includes automated verifications, phone calls to past employers or schools, and similar approaches that allow your recruiter to confirm that what you shared in your resume is accurate.

Along with confirming your employment dates, your job title, duties, and other details are examined. For education, your dates of attendance, degree or certificate awarded, GPA, and similar information may be reviewed for accuracy.

Criminal History Check

A criminal history check is a background check that looks for past criminal convictions. This includes records at the county, state, and federal levels, both local and nationwide.

Whether a criminal conviction disqualifies you for placement in a contract position can vary. Different companies have different requirements and standards. So a record doesn’t necessarily prevent you from securing employment.

Drug Screening

Drug screening is a process of determining if you’ve recently used or consumed a controlled substance. This can include illegal drugs. It can also mean certain medications that aren’t always used legally.

Tips to Make Your Onboarding a Success

Until the onboarding is complete, you haven’t officially secured the position. By taking certain steps, you can increase your odds of making it fully through the process successfully. Thus, allowing you to begin working in a contract position as quickly as possible.

  1. First, make sure that everything on your resume is 100 percent accurate. Incorrect employment dates, job titles, job duties, accomplishments, and similar issues can prevent you from passing the employment verification. Similarly, incorrect details about your education, including dates of attendance, degrees or certifications received, GPA, and more can prevent you from passing the education verification.
  2. Since you’ll have to take a drug test, only apply for a contract position if you know you can pass this screen. If you have any doubts about your ability to pass the drug screening. Let your recruiter know before your interview, or wait until you are confident you can pass.
  3. Finally, understand that the criminal background check is thorough. If you have a conviction in your history. Please disclose it to your recruiter early. Not all convictions are disqualifying. However, not being honest about your record can cause you to miss out on the opportunity.

Ultimately, the team at Alpha Consulting wants you to succeed. By making use of the tips above. You can increase your odds of finishing the onboarding process and, ultimately, landing a position.

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