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Alpha Consulting Is Recruiting Top In-Demand Professionals in These Fields

New Jersey has many growing sectors. Not only does this strengthen the economy in the state, but it also means that job opportunities in these fields are booming. Professionals may further their careers with greater ease, all by seeking out new positions in the Garden State.

When it comes to growth areas, the pharmaceuticals and sciences industries are leading the way, strengthening New Jersey’s economy and attracting top talent to the exciting emerging opportunities. New Jersey is also becoming a technology home, bringing with it enticing innovations and chances to be at the cutting-edge of the field. Finally, project managers can always find a home in the state.

At Alpha Consulting, we actively work to fill vacancies with leading companies and help professionals find rewarding, fulfilling, and engaging opportunities. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the leading science, IT, project management, and pharma placement agencies in New Jersey.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, be that clinical research jobs, tech positions, or anything else, here’s a look at the in-demand professionals Alpha Consulting is currently recruiting.

In-Demand Professionals in New Jersey


As one of the leading science and research employment agencies in the US, Alpha Consulting is always recruiting for skilled scientific professionals. Whether you specialize in biology, chemistry, or any other niche, there are opportunities available today.

One of the most in-demand science professions in New Jersey is an immunologist. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in immunology or a related field, experience developing and qualifying cell-based assays, ELISAs, or similar technology platforms, and experience with cell culture, primary human cells, and cryopreservation, Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you.

Opportunities for chemists are also expanding daily. You’ll find short- and long-term opportunities, giving you the utmost in career agility. If you have experience with sampling methods, advanced testing procedures, quality control systems, documentation best practices, laboratory instruments, and in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements and processes, you could be well on your way toward securing a stellar opportunity.

Research scientists are also in-demand in NJ. Alpha Consulting is actively recruiting for a research scientist – protein purification. If you have basic knowledge of protein chemistry and independence in experimental/assay design, working knowledge and experience with AKTA based protein purification, strong collaboration and communication skills, and a qualifying degree, reach out to one of the Alpha Consulting recruiters today.


When it comes to clinical jobs, opportunities abound in New Jersey. As one of the top clinical recruitment agencies, our goal is to match capable professionals with outstanding career-advancing opportunities, ensuring candidates can achieve their goals while boosting productivity and efficiency at leading employers.

Currently, Alpha Consulting is actively recruiting clinical trial managers. If you have experience executing and delivering high-quality studies, managing quality assurance activities, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and ensuring the study remains on target, all while keeping compliance at the forefront of all you do, you could be eligible for exciting opportunities in New Jersey.

Today, Alpha Consulting is also looking for QC associate candidates to perform environmental monitoring tasks with a leading area company. The position involves the Environmental Monitoring of cellular therapy production areas and collection of EM samples (air, surface, and personnel) from controlled laboratory areas, as well as the processing, incubation, and evaluation of environmental test samples and incubation chambers, and more.

There’s also a great need for a clinical data manager. Along with providing crucial leadership, having the ability to plan and coordinate reliable clinical trial data, provide critical oversight, manage study plans, and otherwise being responsible for end-to-end clinical data management activities is a must. If you have the right skills, there could be a perfect opportunity available for you.

Other clinical and pharmaceutical research jobs are also available. At Alpha Consulting, we aim to be the go-to pharmaceutical recruiters in the US, ensuring companies can access the talent they need to thrive, and candidates can find their ideal role quickly and efficiently.


The world of IT is vast and ever-evolving. Often, specific tech professionals are critical for company operations, as well as ensuring employers can achieve their project goals.

While Alpha Consulting actively recruits a full range of IT professionals, certain IT contract jobs and full-time opportunities require specific skillsets and background. When it comes to in-demand capabilities, .NET developer, web developer, IT help desk, IT infrastructure, and IT systems expertise are currently at the forefront in New Jersey.

Additionally, in today’s data-driven world, data-oriented professionals are always in-demand. That’s why Alpha Consulting prides itself in being one of the leading data science recruiting firms in the region, allowing it to help skilled data scientists and other tech pros from their perfect opportunity with cutting-edge companies in the area.

Project Management

The number of jobs for project managers in the USA is continually growing. Companies understand the importance of having highly skilled PMs by their side, ensuring critical projects can move forward efficiently while providing amazing results.

As a project management placement agency, Alpha Consulting is continuously recruiting professionals with PM experience and credentials. This includes those with expertise in large-scale internal implementations, as well as PMs who’ve previously overseen projects involving cross-functional teams. Additionally, professionals with the PMP certification are always in-demand.

Find a Job in New Jersey with Alpha Consulting

As Alpha Consulting, we pride ourselves on serving the needs of candidates and companies alike. We don’t just view ourselves as a recruitment agency but as a resource for professionals looking for outstanding, career-boosting opportunities with organizations that will value your expertise, input, and effort.

If you’re looking for any kind of position in New Jersey, including those mentioned above, the team at Alpha Consulting wants to hear from you. Experience the Alpha Consulting difference first-hand by reaching out and learning more about exciting jobs in the area. Contact us to speak with a member of our recruitment team today and see how our expertise can quickly help you take your career to the next level.