Have Experience But No Degree? Here’s What to do During the Hiring Process

Not every career begins with a college education. Often, professionals start in an entry-level position, work their way up in their field over time, and collect ample experience that gives them critical skills in their niche. While those professionals are highly capable, they may struggle to find a job if a college degree is a […]

Alpha Consulting’s Referral Program

As a leading technical writer employment agency and recruitment firm, the Alpha Consulting team knows that our candidates are our most important asset. That’s why we’re continuously looking for top-tier talent, ensuring we can connect highly-skilled professionals with exceptional opportunities quickly. The Alpha Consulting referral program doesn’t just help our team connect with talented job […]

The Power of Networking (part 1- referrals)

A professional network is a powerful tool. When you forge strong connections with other professionals, you increase your odds of securing coveted job referrals. Considering how many positions are ultimately filled by referred candidates, ignoring a robust network’s power could mean missing out on an exceptional opportunity.   But even if your network is large, you […]

How Far Back Should You Go on Your Resume?

In the early stages of your career, you usually feature all of your past jobs on your resume. However, once you cross the 10-year mark, you may start to wonder whether all of those positions are giving you an edge. This is especially true if fitting everything onto a two-page resume is becoming difficult, or not all of the jobs were […]