Have Experience But No Degree? Here’s What to do During the Hiring Process

Not every career begins with a college education. Often, professionals start in an entry-level position, work their way up in their field over time, and collect ample experience that gives them critical skills in their niche. While those professionals are highly capable, they may struggle to find a job if a college degree is a […]

7 More Things That Hiring Managers Hate

When you’re looking for jobs for chemists in NJ or any other kind of position, avoiding certain missteps is essential. Hiring managers view specific mistakes as red flags, increasing the odds they’ll remove you from contention. Since that’s the case, even one error could be incredibly costly. By understanding what hiring managers dislike, you can […]

What Does a Cyber Security Analyst Do?

When it comes to lucrative careers with an ever-increasing number of opportunities, the cyber security niche is a solid choice. Professionals with the right capabilities are in demand, and there are often far more open positions than available candidates. Knowing what a cyber security analyst job involves helps you determine if that’s the best path […]

Alpha Consulting’s Referral Program

As a leading technical writer employment agency and recruitment firm, the Alpha Consulting team knows that our candidates are our most important asset. That’s why we’re continuously looking for top-tier talent, ensuring we can connect highly-skilled professionals with exceptional opportunities quickly. The Alpha Consulting referral program doesn’t just help our team connect with talented job […]

How to Customize Your Resume for the Job

How to customize your resume for the job

Whether you’re looking for positions through pharmaceutical job placement agencies or managing your search on your own, customizing your resume to the role is essential for a couple of reasons. One, a generic resume may not make it past an applicant tracking system (ATS), meaning your resume will never be seen by a person. Two, […]

Overcome the Hurdles Between You and Your Dream Tech job

Overcome the hurdles between you and your dream tech job

Many people want to break into the tech world. However, certain obstacles hold them back, causing them to assume that they can’t start their dream career. In reality, it’s possible to conquer most obstacles. If you want to qualify for amazing IT contract jobs, here is a look at common hurdles and how you can […]